Is Your Locked-Out Tenant Keeping You Awake At Night?

It’s 11:30 pm.  You just put your kids to bed and are climbing into bed with your spouse when the phone rings.

One of your tenants just realized he is locked out of his duplex unit again and he needs you to drive over to unlock the property.

Sound familiar?

Although most property owners like you in the Dallas area invest in Real Estate with the goal of generating passive income, most investors don’t envision their sleep being interrupted by tenants.

How Do You Resolve This Situation?

If you have tenants who have found themselves locked out of their unit on more than one occasion, you might want to consider charging a $200 call-out fee to come out to their rental unit.

The call-out fee will also be used for changing the locks on the rental unit since you don’t know where the key to the unit ended up and it’s best to ensure the security of your tenant.

Talk about the Call-Out Fee In Advance

When you have a new tenant signing a lease for one of your rental units, it’s best to bring up the topic of the call-out fee at that time so your tenant is aware of the financial commitment they face if they find themselves locked out of their rental.

Employ SquareHouse Property Management

To avoid the hassle of getting called out to your rental units in the middle of the night you should hire SquareHouse Property Management to manage your properties for you.

We specialize in helping Dallas Texas property owners simplify the process of owning rental property so they can focus on living their lives and enjoying the passive income which comes from owning investment real estate. 

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