Does Your Rental Property Have Sellable Features? The Answer Is Yes.

By SquareHouse Property Management

DALLAS, TX. – When it comes to rental properties it’s important for every owner to know what the “sellable” features of their rental property are, especially if they plan on marketing their rental property themselves because those features are what will attract your ideal tenant to the rental.

Think About the Sellable Features at Your Rental Property

If it’s been a while since you marketed your rental property it’s time for you to take a step back, think like a renter, and ask yourself the following questions.

1.     Is your rental property close to schools?

2.     How many bedrooms/bathrooms does your rental offer?

3.     Does your rental property have plenty of yard space?

4.     Is there a garage attached to your rental?

5.     How far is your rental property from shops, stores and entertainment?

Steps for Marketing Your Rental Property

Now that you have a list of sellable features that your rental property offers it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to market your rental online.

Photograph the right features

The first step in highlighting your property’s most sellable features is to share photos of the right features—a.k.a. the features your potential tenants will care most about. These features can be both design-focused and functional; a mix of the two may appeal to the widest audience. Focus on features like crown molding, new appliances, large outdoor or patio space, and newly renovated areas of the home.

To make sure tenants see the property from every angle, put the images into a collage: “This allows somebody glancing through listings to see interior and exterior shots all at once. Because our homes are so beautifully staged, the split photos get a lot of attention and sets it apart from every other listing,” says Paul Moore, of Smith Mountain Homes.

You can also add multiple images to Facebook Carousel ads or Instagram’s new multi-photo upload feature to create a well-rounded view of the property.

Do virtual home tours

What better way to highlight your property than with a virtual tour? You can do this by taking a phone video and uploading to YouTube, or take live video with your Facebook or Instagram business page. Either way, this is also a great opportunity to engage with potential renters, so while giving the tour, ask questions. You might say:

“We just finished this bathroom, and added the brand new clawfoot tub. Do you like that vintage style? Tell me in the comments!”

“Tenants love using the back yard for grilling and hanging out with friends—the grill over there comes with the property. How often would you use this area?”

If creating all videos on a social platform, be sure to download them and upload to your YouTube channel. You can begin creating different sections for each rental property, so anyone interested in your listings can get walking tours whenever they want.

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